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PrincessbrandyThu July 23,2015 1:26:14pmanyone there
ThatGirlTessThu July 23,2015 2:57:15pmim here brandy
XxKingTrildoxXThu July 23,2015 4:10:13pmI'm here.
King.TThu July 23,2015 4:22:43pmIs anyone there???
RukeyThu July 23,2015 7:23:43pmyo
RukeyThu July 23,2015 7:23:55pmhey Brandy
RukeyThu July 23,2015 7:24:59pmanyone have tribes?
RukeyThu July 23,2015 7:25:51pmi'm going to go see if Tess registered at the portal.
Brandy, you should check it out sometime too
RukeyThu July 23,2015 7:28:29pmnothing Tess, last new one joined a couple of weeks ago and i can look at all who registered and there is no Tess
RukeyThu July 23,2015 7:29:20pmi could do some tribes at 9pm cst tonight if anyone wants to mess around.
If no reply then i won't host
DspgamingfanFri July 24,2015 6:39:20amDoes burnout work on open spy server?
King.TFri July 24,2015 2:17:09pmhello anyone there?
King.TFri July 24,2015 2:50:40pmLet's play some online somebody
King.TFri July 24,2015 2:50:58pmanything lol
RukeyFri July 24,2015 10:43:05pmstill nothing from that Liar Tess.
Well women do lie way more than guys
LeeFri July 24,2015 10:51:26pmI homebrewed my Wii
ThatGirlTessSat July 25,2015 3:45:04amRukey shut up think of what you are saying! i havent had the the time im really busy these days ill get it sorted out when i get time!
RukeySat July 25,2015 9:44:01ami just think its funny ThatLiarTess instead of ThatGirlTess
RukeySat July 25,2015 9:46:26amits just that you had time and you did say you registered so i wonder what you did wrong because the site is working now for you to register and i took the time to help you out and now you won't try
RukeySat July 25,2015 9:51:40amgirls do lie more, maybe not you
RukeySat July 25,2015 9:53:47amregistering takes less time than playing one online game oh and did you play more jakX racing?
ThatGirlTessSat July 25,2015 1:37:41pmI hardly play at all last time i played a game was 5 weeks ago and i only played for 2 minutes im just doing endless coding right now trying to fix my own servers and stuff
ThatGirlTessSat July 25,2015 1:39:33pmand maybe its possible girls lie more... but i dont! i dont know if my account even got registered because i had to wait for some activation email i never recieved so i dont know
RukeySat July 25,2015 2:53:22pmWhen you get around to it, i would like to see you there.
you will have to register again i think you're right that your account didn't get registered
RukeySat July 25,2015 2:55:43pmand don't forget to get tribes when you get paid.
Tell me how much tribes aa would cost you if you bought it.
for where you're from it will cost more, i
would just like to know how much
RukeySat July 25,2015 5:09:13pmTribes Sunday at 4pm cst.
I already have a couple of players joining and then we are going to do SWBF2
ThatGirlTessSun July 26,2015 2:46:48amTribes would cost me if i got it from the gameshop here i saw it in a box like 2 days ago 20kr thats like 1 dollar lol
RukeySun July 26,2015 10:41:29ami'm surprised you found it by you since most people have pal ps2's over there,
well i hope you get it before someone else does and i hope it works on one of your ps2s
RukeySun July 26,2015 10:44:37ami was wondering how much it would cost you if
you got it online with shipping and handling
ThatGirlTessMon July 27,2015 12:56:06pmProbs even more
Rukey Mon July 27,2015 7:11:03pma lot more i bet, if i could give you a dollar through the screan to get tribes i would.
go buy it, check out the condition and most of all tell me if you saw a manual with it
Rukey Mon July 27,2015 7:12:06pmthe tribes aa manual is one of the most in depth manuals you can get for explaining everything about the game.
they just don't do that anymore
Rukey Mon July 27,2015 7:12:44pmTess, go buy the game and mail it to me
Rukey Mon July 27,2015 7:13:01pmjust make sure it works on your ps2 first
BeyondBirthday08Mon July 27,2015 8:38:39pmhey guys whats up
BeyondBirthday08Mon July 27,2015 8:38:49pmbf2 servers on?
BeyondBirthday08Mon July 27,2015 8:40:04pmalright bye
DoucheBagMon July 27,2015 9:46:31pm...
daps2Tue July 28,2015 9:29:39ami am back
ScornTue July 28,2015 8:55:02pmSyphon Filter The Omega Strain or Socom 1?
DeadOnAimWed July 29,2015 6:54:04pmSocom Combined Asssault?
Tribes Wed July 29,2015 6:58:06pmTribes aa
Tribes Wed July 29,2015 6:58:29pmi think syphon filter is down for good
xSPKxAkatsukiWed July 29,2015 9:37:52pmIs Mortal Kombat Armageddon still online - 2015
DoucheBagWed July 29,2015 11:49:21pmi can find out about MKA need to set up my PS2 however
xSPKxAkatsukiThu July 30,2015 12:05:18amHow Many Players Online for MKA
DoucheBagThu July 30,2015 12:08:57amfor racing up to 8 and fighting up to 2
daps2Thu July 30,2015 3:36:13amsyphon filter is down, it used to be run on this server by using the official socom one, do as soon as sony shut socom it stopped working, if we got socom working again it would bring alot of other games bsck
daps2Thu July 30,2015 3:37:57amhowever socom would be incredibly hard to create a server for. plus if you want to play any of the socoms (especially socom 2 ntsc which has up to 20 playerscat a time) try xlink
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