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HymnSat May 12,2018 9:36:51amYes Sniper Elite is down. BOB it would be great if you can fix it today. Staruday, all wants to play. Thank you in advance. Best Regards. Hymn.
LuanSat May 12,2018 10:06:22amCould someone give me the sniper elite link? via facebook
odoSat May 12,2018 11:17:38am@Hymn - to download game? all you need you find on bat sniper elite clan.
Hunk91Sat May 12,2018 11:27:48amWhen you play Risk, it is recognized as riskps2.master.gamespy.com on the game list here
odoSat May 12,2018 11:35:41amSE1 works now.thanks
odoSat May 12,2018 11:55:14amsory men now we see servers but we cant connect to them. please fix.thanks
OdoSat May 12,2018 12:05:34pmPlease fix sniper elite men or my girlfriend will kill me with too much sex.Thanks. save me.
DehveeSat May 12,2018 1:33:26pm@Hunk91 - Is Risk working vanilla from PS2s ? I had troubles a while back connecting. The same wih ToCA3. What if any special instructions would you suggest for a console spinning game discs?
Rukey Sat May 12,2018 1:43:36pmSo who is going to host tribes Sunday at4:30pm cst ?
Rukey Sat May 12,2018 1:44:01pmAnd who will show up
ShrivlesSat May 12,2018 3:28:08pmI’m trying to play mortal kombat Armageddon with somebody
DehveeSat May 12,2018 3:45:00pm@Rukey - With it being Mother's Day here in the USA, it's up in the air. If Tribes would show up in the log below, I see a lot more pick-up / impromptu gaming opportunity similar to the CoD3 listings that are shown....
DehveeSat May 12,2018 4:10:24pm@Rukey - Were you able to engage Friday night Tribes last night?
NiviSun May 13,2018 2:43:59amIve been trying to play COD 3 online for days now and I cant get it to work. : ( can someone help me?
DehveeSun May 13,2018 8:39:30am@Nivi - Have you checked out the Youtube videos covering settings, etc. for getting PS2 online while possibly including the year in your Yutube search? Highly recommended and many different variants to choose from there. I'm sure someone here could lend assistance yet you'll need to pose a more detailed post = platform / console, what are the details or the spirit / experience that reflects your challenge.
DehveeSun May 13,2018 8:43:41am@Nivi - ( that is, if you're playing from a console ) .....
DehveeSun May 13,2018 10:17:37am@bobz1993 - using the DNS here, an existing account to 'add' a different password "PASS", my screen stays stuck on "Adding User, Please wait". What should we do differently to successfully enjoy some racing ( for me, today: between mom, local siblings and a sibling online ) ?
rDehveeSun May 13,2018 10:23:26amWe only need account settings assistance applicable to getting online with PS2 consoles.
DehveeSun May 13,2018 10:45:24am@Hunk91 - what troubleshooting tips might you have surrounding Toca 3 online for PS2 consoles considering what I stated in the above comments? Thanks in advance for your considerations.
Rukey Sun May 13,2018 5:30:57pmThree tribes players today
MellsSun May 13,2018 8:23:16pmanyone wanna play Battlefield 2 for PS2?
DehveeMon May 14,2018 9:50:12am@Mells - Is Online play still possible for Battlfield 2?
DehveeMon May 14,2018 9:54:31amlooking for answers for connecting Toca 3 online. multiple parties on my end with PlayStation 2 consoles cannot connect Toca 3 for some reason but have no trouble with other titles that don't require DNAS workarounds or edited ISOs. it's one of our established favorite titles. so, whoever has answers, we'd be interested as to why Bob's DNS and password aren't working for us.
DehveeMon May 14,2018 9:57:33am@Rukey - jumped on for a short span yesterday evening to see you all in some capture the flag action but wound up exiting since I couldn't tear my nephew away from his fortnite and I'd like to capitalize on some shared experiences when doing so or otherwise troubleshoot other aspects of PS2 online connecting to their resolutions
DehveeThu May 17,2018 12:29:59pm@Makaveli - Neither MC3 titles on PS2 connect online. I tried creating new profiles in case it had something to do with importing the previous title's data but to no avail. Eventually I found the spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bbxOGm4dPxZ4Vbzyu3XxBnZmuPx3Ue-cPqBeTxtnvkQ/htmlview#gid=0
(via PS2OnlineGaming) - updated for the MC3 titles stating "It only work with a Edited .ISO and login with any username and email, but always with the password 'ps2t' "
OdoFri May 18,2018 10:43:35amwe see servers but we cant conect on SE1. please fixm man.
valeraSat May 19,2018 12:32:18pmflatout2 servers down? can't join?
DehveeSat May 19,2018 8:07:50pm@Rukey - You know what this page for http://bobzent.info/settribes.php ? = Curious
DirkSun May 20,2018 7:35:22pmhow do u play mc3 dub edition online with an actual ps2?
Derek31037Sun May 20,2018 8:20:29pmwhen it says download a edited iso, whats the password to get into the rar file?
Rukey Sun May 20,2018 8:23:19pmI'll do tribes at9pm cst if I see a reply by 8:30
Rukey Sun May 20,2018 9:51:52pmNo tribes tonight
DehveeMon May 21,2018 12:07:14am@Rukey - What was "v-capping" in T:AA and when / why was it used?
DehveeMon May 21,2018 12:10:29am@Derek31037 - Did you get your answer? What source were you referring to for your edited ISO query? ( the links in the spreadsheet? )
DehveeMon May 21,2018 12:10:53amtest
DehveeMon May 21,2018 12:11:33am( parenthetical test )
DehveeMon May 21,2018 11:46:25amWhat (list of) condition(s) led to this continued support for Battlefield 2: MC, Syphon Filter the Omega Strain and Amplitude?
DehveeMon May 21,2018 12:48:00pmHow might GDPR going into effect affect the IP listings below? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j6wwBqfSk-o&feature=youtu.be
DehveeMon May 21,2018 12:58:43pmAsking about GDPR as it relates to the IPs listing here because others have expressed concern (see Rukey's post here) for the IP listings here and GDPR goes into effect May 25, 2018. Is there a method by which anonymous names can be given to the IP addresses similar to that given to other viewers of
the same Google Doc's spreadsheet - for example, "Anonymous Koala (or Elephant, etc. ) "
DehveeMon May 21,2018 3:10:55pmAs cited above, GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation
Derek31037Mon May 21,2018 5:57:43pmyes i was talking about that spreadsheet, i downloaded the mc3 dub edition rar file and when i tried to extract the iso, it asked me for a password in which i didn't know
Derek31037Mon May 21,2018 5:57:54pm@Dehvee
DehveeMon May 21,2018 7:03:27pm@Derek31037 - I'd be interested in hearing how it resolved for you. I thought you might've been referring to the password needed when logging into MC3 titles online - that info as you know is in the spreadshet in the neighboring column

henloWed May 23,2018 1:51:04pmhey there, i just got the edited iso for mc3 but it requires a password, how/where do i get it?
henloWed May 23,2018 2:20:13pmcan i play on this dnz with my dvd rip instead somehow?
henloWed May 23,2018 2:20:18pm*dns
SniperWed May 23,2018 3:09:35pmI have problem with sniper elite multi I can't play. Host did not respond
DehveeWed May 23,2018 7:16:52pmSniper Elite tends to have connection problems for some who are trying. What has typically been the solutions and constraints / obstructions ?
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