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It is Wed April 16,2014 12:46 pm
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elquetalWed March 19,2014 1:59:28pmy jugamos una de battlefield 3
cocoSun March 23,2014 9:22:44amhi niabs
yoyoTue March 25,2014 8:53:33pmIS MK ARMAGEDDON STILL ONLINE?
yoyoTue March 25,2014 9:04:46pmIS SOCOM EVER GOING TO BE BACK ONLINE FOR THE PS2?
rockettorussiaThu March 27,2014 6:46:41pmlets play mk armageddon
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:26:20pmfags
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:26:32pm****s
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:26:41pmpricks
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:26:50pm****es
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:26:57pm****s
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:27:07pmcocksuckers
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:27:13pmweed smokers
MKFri March 28,2014 1:44:05pmmake a DNAS server lazy guys before too late!
xdddSun March 30,2014 7:31:55pm
AsdTue April 01,2014 3:19:54pmGays
TruthWed April 02,2014 5:53:14amYes, we need to recognize the DNAS Server before too late!
TruthWed April 02,2014 6:00:42amShut up stupids, please anyone begin backup the DNAS if you can.
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:21:05ami love weeeeeeeeed
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:21:43amyall **** move that dope
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:21:53amhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHguy4xHGSg
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:22:08amlisten to that song and smoke a bow youll feel boss a fuhhhk
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:22:19ambowl*
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:23:31am8================

Averybomb1Sat April 12,2014 1:12:29pmHello, anyone in here right now?
Wise guyMon April 14,2014 8:49:07am****ing GLU will shutdown GameSpy on march 31st prepare yourself! NO MORE Battlefield, COD 1,2 and 3!
TruthMon April 14,2014 2:24:23pmCall of Duty 3 PAL and NTSC is still online. Battlefield 2 MC is okay. Cod:FH and 2:Big Red One was stopped 2012 October 9. Everyone can play now Metal Gear Solid 3 online, Rasident Evil Outbreak Online. Join and Enjoy! Need more players. Calm down the x one and 360, ps3,4, get ps2. It is your truth friend, never stop. .:PS2 forever:.
TruthMon April 14,2014 2:30:01pmNeed more player for CoD3 PAL version.
@Wise guy - CoD 3 game uses DaemonWare servers separated for regions PAL; NTSC
(such as World of Warcraft), so not GameSpy.
TruthMon April 14,2014 2:36:05pm@marijuana = a big -.-"
TruthMon April 14,2014 2:38:13pmAnybody can share to me some tips to remake Killzone server to back online? Such as
r.i.p ps2 onlineTue April 15,2014 6:31:01pmis it true no more games may 31 when gamespy shuts down besides cod 3
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