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It is Wed August 20,2014 6:23 pm


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RukeyTue August 19,2014 3:18:29pm@bobz1993
so i should see two rooms at once,
one is the master list and what did you name the other one?
AlfAzAkZelzKr47Tue August 19,2014 3:18:31pmHey Bobz, BF2mc work online yet?
RukeyTue August 19,2014 3:18:48pmno, bf2 is still down
RukeyTue August 19,2014 3:19:16pmi believe it's down for good
AlfAzAkZelzKr47Tue August 19,2014 3:20:44pmBut We can play using this DNS right ?
derekTue August 19,2014 7:56:31pmLets play!!
derekTue August 19,2014 8:02:11pmow man nobody is online playing cod
AlfAzAkZelzKr47Tue August 19,2014 9:22:21pmme encanta el pene!
AlfAzAkZelzKr47Tue August 19,2014 9:27:35pmme encanta el grande pene!
bf2 ?Tue August 19,2014 9:52:03pmbf2 died?
AveryWed August 20,2014 2:19:53amMessageCOD FH, fun last night with 2v3, CTF. man it was crazy, got some of it recorded too, it looks crystal clear, heck even better then what my tv sees. As for you guys, I'm not going to discourage you from playing BF2, I simply want to ask that you don't cram up that chat please? Others here playing other games as well, thanks
RoydenWed August 20,2014 7:23:39am@AlfAzAkZelzKr47 - de donde eres?
bf2Wed August 20,2014 12:18:51pmmy friend just to ask if this bf2 online, each playing the game want, but I want to know if anyone knows of bf2
bf2Wed August 20,2014 12:19:47pmbf2 ja era?
bf2Wed August 20,2014 12:20:40pmalgum dns?
bf2Wed August 20,2014 12:21:21pmsome dns?
derekWed August 20,2014 12:22:45pmWell my gf doesn really approve of my newest addiction of Call of duty FH LOL! Shes like well its ok i guess as long as it isnt every night all night LOL!!! owell ill figure something out
iCaRiUsWed August 20,2014 1:20:24pmpor favor alguem arrume o bf2 - ps2
RoydenWed August 20,2014 2:08:07pmleo en español?! jajajjajajaja yo juego MKA solamente... pero ya aparecerá info de bf2
RukeyWed August 20,2014 2:32:32pmI'll be doing a TRIBES AA game this Friday.
I already go some interested players looking forward to it.
If anyone here does not have TRIBE AA and has some questions, then let me know
RukeyWed August 20,2014 2:37:11pmor if you just want to see some intense TRIBES action, to see what the game looks like and is about
and click on the one that's dated DECEMBER 7th 2006
AveryWed August 20,2014 2:55:51pmoh, lol Derek, it's true though, it's addictive and fun, especially when you get more people, wait until this Sunday comes
RukeyWed August 20,2014 3:06:51pmwhat time on Sunday
derekWed August 20,2014 4:23:55pmwhat is this sunday?
AveryWed August 20,2014 4:51:21pm3:00-5:00pm Sundays are usually the best time for FH for people
RoydenWed August 20,2014 5:10:39pma google dns
RukeyWed August 20,2014 5:10:55pmi have to look into this Sunday to see if i can make it.
RukeyWed August 20,2014 5:11:07pmgoogle tribes aa duel
RukeyWed August 20,2014 5:13:02pmi might have around 8 players for tribes this Friday night
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