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It is Thu April 24,2014 5:28 pm
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noobsThu March 27,2014 9:26:32pm****s
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:26:41pmpricks
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:26:50pm****es
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:26:57pm****s
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:27:07pmcocksuckers
noobsThu March 27,2014 9:27:13pmweed smokers
MKFri March 28,2014 1:44:05pmmake a DNAS server lazy guys before too late!
xdddSun March 30,2014 7:31:55pm
AsdTue April 01,2014 3:19:54pmGays
TruthWed April 02,2014 5:53:14amYes, we need to recognize the DNAS Server before too late!
TruthWed April 02,2014 6:00:42amShut up stupids, please anyone begin backup the DNAS if you can.
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:21:05ami love weeeeeeeeed
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:21:43amyall **** move that dope
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:21:53amhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHguy4xHGSg
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:22:08amlisten to that song and smoke a bow youll feel boss a fuhhhk
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:22:19ambowl*
marijuanaSun April 06,2014 2:23:31am8================

Averybomb1Sat April 12,2014 1:12:29pmHello, anyone in here right now?
Wise guyMon April 14,2014 8:49:07am****ing GLU will shutdown GameSpy on march 31st prepare yourself! NO MORE Battlefield, COD 1,2 and 3!
TruthMon April 14,2014 2:24:23pmCall of Duty 3 PAL and NTSC is still online. Battlefield 2 MC is okay. Cod:FH and 2:Big Red One was stopped 2012 October 9. Everyone can play now Metal Gear Solid 3 online, Rasident Evil Outbreak Online. Join and Enjoy! Need more players. Calm down the x one and 360, ps3,4, get ps2. It is your truth friend, never stop. .:PS2 forever:.
TruthMon April 14,2014 2:30:01pmNeed more player for CoD3 PAL version.
@Wise guy - CoD 3 game uses DaemonWare servers separated for regions PAL; NTSC
(such as World of Warcraft), so not GameSpy.
TruthMon April 14,2014 2:36:05pm@marijuana = a big -.-"
TruthMon April 14,2014 2:38:13pmAnybody can share to me some tips to remake Killzone server to back online? Such as
r.i.p ps2 onlineTue April 15,2014 6:31:01pmis it true no more games may 31 when gamespy shuts down besides cod 3
playerWed April 16,2014 7:11:42pm74.65.241.66
not working anymore????
CarlosThu April 17,2014 7:49:23amI've DNAS session wireshark dumps, we need to crack the HTTPS traffic first and make a "valid SSL certificate", DNAS uses SSLv2
tribesTue April 22,2014 4:20:51pmis tribes still played online?
anonWed April 23,2014 10:10:27pmWhat some people did with the wii was mod the dns it was connecting to from https to http so it was unecrypted. This would atleast let you try to reverse engineer the server. Obtaining the certificates is illegal
heyThu April 24,2014 10:30:53amjoin me mk deception online now
heyThu April 24,2014 11:56:27am
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