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It is Sun September 21,2014 2:05 pm


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AverySat September 20,2014 11:21:20amyeah that's kinda what I just asked
RukeySat September 20,2014 11:22:44ami will use Oc's dns and when you enter my room and you are in hold down the select button first and then hit the r2 button or tap the r2 button after holding down the select button first and your ping will show up at the bottom right of the tv
RukeySat September 20,2014 11:23:10amsee you in 5 minutes
AverySat September 20,2014 11:35:35amwaiting
AverySat September 20,2014 11:39:36amWTF, again, it's saying login unsuccessful
AverySat September 20,2014 11:39:51amand you changed it from 8 people to 7?
AverySat September 20,2014 11:42:49am1/4 for now..? And Still loginn was unsuccessful
AverySat September 20,2014 11:43:01amsays there are 2 people in it now
AverySat September 20,2014 11:48:00amping of 100-105
AverySat September 20,2014 11:56:33am110-115 now
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:09:52pmi shut it down
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:11:00pmthe ping was floating around 110 to 120 and i don't know if you did something different but one time when you where in it stayed under 100
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:16:07pmwhen chak88, False God, and i played this morning, the ping stayed under 80 and that was with 7 bots at the same time.
I did some trial tests to figure some things out so thanks for just sitting there, it helped and this time i didn't get a message
AverySat September 20,2014 12:17:02pmWas 110-120 when I went on Bobz's DNS to try it out
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:17:33pmso then the ping stayed about the same. you did shoot under 100 for some time
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:19:58pmpart of it is because you have your computer on so that affects the ping internet speed and you are far away from me, i think and distance is a huge factor for ping speed on tribes.
I'm sure you know all about that
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:22:04pmi don't know where chak88 lives but i believe he is about 4 or 5 states away from me and Kenesis is further and we usually don't have a connecting prolbem
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:23:48pmyou and i have played tribes successfully with out these problems before and with more players.
LoL remember when we raced gravity bikes on tribes awhile ago.
I don't think we had issues at that time
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:25:32pmi have to go, thanks for the test run again
it will give me something to think about
bobz1993Sat September 20,2014 12:25:53pmidkman
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:26:05pmhey bobz
bobz1993Sat September 20,2014 12:26:19pmcan't just leave before i get on
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:26:30pmLoL
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:26:55pmi had a huge turn out on tribes last night
AverySat September 20,2014 12:28:31pm...?
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:29:39pm@bobz1993 i don't know if i'll have anyone interested but i might do a tribes room Sunday night.
Are you interested bobz?
RukeySat September 20,2014 12:32:46pmmy tribes room is shut down for now and i have to be going
see you all later
xCrISTiAhNxSat September 20,2014 9:36:20pmhttp://www.bobzent.info/osstatusget.php?game=thps4ps2
xCrISTiAhNxSat September 20,2014 10:17:45pmhttp://oi60.tinypic.com/nbalwh.jpg
xandyfs1Sat September 20,2014 11:05:52pmpra jogar Tribes: Aerial Assault, precisa de uma conta ???
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