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It is Wed October 22,2014 11:20 am


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DarTue October 21,2014 4:48:00amhow about you? or we can do a democratic election in a poll in the fourm lol
KeltowTue October 21,2014 5:28:39amI have a '"Read Only'' account.. I cant create topics, I cant send messages, I can't vote polls
KeltowTue October 21,2014 5:30:55amOh wait.. I found the problem.. I had to send 2 post in new user section... do
KeltowTue October 21,2014 5:32:06amcolin mcrae 2005 has a dnAs ? Otherwise I own it too haha
DarTue October 21,2014 6:41:20amas long as you are using a pal ps2 or a modded ntsc
DarTue October 21,2014 6:41:30amas it is a pal game
DarTue October 21,2014 6:45:06amand if online doesnt work for you there is always xlink kai
KeltowTue October 21,2014 6:49:08amLol.... Xlink kai is too much work
DarTue October 21,2014 7:00:44am
DarTue October 21,2014 7:05:30amyou want a game of cod fh??? now??
DarTue October 21,2014 7:10:38am@Keltow - ???
KeltowTue October 21,2014 8:40:33amI dont have time now
DarTue October 21,2014 8:41:12am
DarTue October 21,2014 8:41:23amsame
AveryTue October 21,2014 11:21:31amvoted, to see who sucks more
AveryTue October 21,2014 11:22:02amclear that I suck more
keltowTue October 21,2014 12:12:41pm@Dar - any news fron that ea post you did on the ea forum? I havnt got the link anymore
keltowTue October 21,2014 1:16:34pmthats too bad
keltowTue October 21,2014 1:16:48pm
DarTue October 21,2014 1:19:22pmwait a while then hopefully
DarTue October 21,2014 1:20:08pmthey might actually just email me about it
KeltowTue October 21,2014 2:35:25pmI hope so
KeltowTue October 21,2014 2:35:46pmDamn I wish we'd also could get the central station servers back
KeltowTue October 21,2014 2:36:09pmBut that's a long shot
AveryTue October 21,2014 4:08:00pm@Keltow - no Idea what you talking bout
DarTue October 21,2014 4:14:06pmwhat is central station?
AveryTue October 21,2014 4:14:20pm@Dar - That's what I'd like to know
DarTue October 21,2014 4:14:55pmif it uses gamespy then just try bobz or openspy
AveryTue October 21,2014 4:22:27pm@Dar - yup, that's the plan
AveryTue October 21,2014 4:25:25pmso what you guys been up to?
DarTue October 21,2014 4:29:55pmplaying my new game lol, after all last week of the hols and a ship ton of hework still to do
KeltowTue October 21,2014 5:25:53pmCentral station official playstation servers, like hardware online arena,,
AveryTue October 21,2014 5:26:15pmwho wants to suck
DarTue October 21,2014 5:49:20pmhttp://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CentralStation(onlinegamingservice)
KeltowTue October 21,2014 6:03:55pmShame on you! CS servers.. Hardware online etc etc etc
KeltowTue October 21,2014 6:04:02pmhardware online arena
DarTue October 21,2014 6:14:17pmi know nothing about this you would have to ask sony or someone else
Someone you KnowTue October 21,2014 10:09:43pm@Dar - yeah me either
DarWed October 22,2014 3:25:22ami bring good news!!!
DarWed October 22,2014 3:26:27amremember i contacted someone who had brought back the battlefield servers for the pc? They have replied t omy message!
DarWed October 22,2014 3:28:09amThey say that it would be really easy for them to set up a server and it could be up in a few days
KeltowWed October 22,2014 7:30:49amSeriously!!! WOOHOO!!
AveryWed October 22,2014 7:40:47am@Keltow - OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do, I'll re-get the game and I'll make a video too
DarWed October 22,2014 7:42:00amsounds good
@Avery -
AveryWed October 22,2014 7:42:59am@Dar - yeah definatly, if it happens, but it'll probably be a dead ghost town then as before
DarWed October 22,2014 8:11:56am
KeltowWed October 22,2014 8:29:07amOffcourse not! I'll be on it 24/7 hehe
KeltowWed October 22,2014 8:29:14am
KeltowWed October 22,2014 10:48:30amWe should make something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ee7TEoTQ2hU
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