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Puk-DjanThu August 18,2016 12:34:37pm@ThatGirlTess - so put on your channel how to do this
Puk-DjanThu August 18,2016 12:34:49pm@ThatGirlTess - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2lbCKA-SzkC7lWemEwA/videos
ThatGirlTessFri August 19,2016 8:08:00am@Puk-Djan - You dont have to do anything special just buy the pc version of the game from any game store or online download the revive patch from bf2 revive create an account sign in look for my server Panzershlacht in the unranked game section join it and wait for the game to download the maps and you are done!
ThatGirlTessFri August 19,2016 8:11:45amjust keep in mind that these maps are not official they are remakes of the original they are glitchy and dont look like the original since some building may be off or replaced have fun finding players is the hard part nowadays...
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 4:08:08pm@ThatGirlTess - I found your server because you do not make a video explaining to do
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 4:09:21pm@ThatGirlTess - I bf2 version PC and online game just did not find your server
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 4:09:41pmhttps://battlelog.co/?act=logoff
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 8:31:53pm@ThatGirlTess - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2lbCKA-SzkC7lWemEwA
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 8:32:09pmhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2lbCKA-SzkC7lWemEwA
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 8:32:32pmwww.youtube.com/channel/UCe2lbCKA-SzkC7lWemEwA
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 8:32:47pmUCe2lbCKA-SzkC7lWemEwA
BRAZUKA BACKSTAB Sat August 20,2016 10:04:38am@ThatGirlTess - how you do it
TriumphSat August 20,2016 9:00:35pmDoes anyone know if Midnight Club 3 is online using Bobz DNS?
BRAZUKA BACKSTABSun August 21,2016 9:15:41pm@ThatGirlTess - LAYING ROOM IP
Q-LevySun August 21,2016 10:16:36pmyo anyone gettin on t1 tmo during the afternoon and/or evening?
Icedragon420Tue August 23,2016 2:55:42pmRukey > THE WAY YOU ASORT YOURSELF IS DISGUSTING!!! YOU MAKE DOWNRIGHT CONDESCENDING REMARKS TO PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST LOOKING TO CHAT & PLAY A GAME OR EVEN GET INFO IF THEY NEED. Rukey you are a BULLY & NUISANCE to the sites chat forum you act like you own the F U C K I N G SERVER just because It supports multiplayer for TRIBES!!! it's a FREE COUNTRY so buzz off!!! Your Not Gonna Keep Me From Doing What i Love Most Gaming. So how about you go find a group of 5-year-olds to play hot wheels with
jamaicanguyTue August 23,2016 9:49:18pmwhen will the owner be back
BretWed August 24,2016 6:09:25pmOn mk D now.
Raccon CityThu August 25,2016 1:45:02pmDns BF2 MC News
jamaicanguyThu August 25,2016 10:26:28pmcan we get a server reset???? theres people that cant login on midnight club 3
jamaicanguyThu August 25,2016 10:38:54pmif they login with a blank secondary the game freezes and then they get a 611 error when they try to log in
CarlosSat August 27,2016 2:43:00pmSo sad too see how pleople are blind... Metal Gear Online is the best online game available on PS2, period.
victor187Sat August 27,2016 7:31:09pm:
victor187Sat August 27,2016 7:31:38pmlogin issues dns error /=
harambeSat August 27,2016 10:11:53pmharambe didn't die for people to have login issues on mc3
victor187Sat August 27,2016 10:36:09pmoh yeah how can we forget
BretSun August 28,2016 8:06:18pmMortal kombat deception or Armageddon anyone?
victor187Sun August 28,2016 8:22:34pmhelp?
victor187Sun August 28,2016 8:23:58pmgame worked good and it froze and now dns error always
NorbitSun August 28,2016 10:03:15pm@victor187 -
You're the 3rd confirmed person with that exact same problem
ASD ChristianSun August 28,2016 10:52:51pmVic you're the 5th person (6th if you count a noo that can't login. Exo, BB, Matrix, "Prologic", Jay, and you
victor187Sun August 28,2016 11:53:51pmbig take lol ye the dns needs a refresh or something because the very first time you use it it freezes the game and you have to wait. who ever turns off the ps2 when it is froze will get dns error after. its ok maybe bob fix this soon with a restart
TriumphMon August 29,2016 7:50:17amBig Vic fresh on from da pcp
ASD ChristianMon August 29,2016 8:36:09amlol
victor187Mon August 29,2016 1:33:20pmlmfao why does every one say that
ASD ChristianMon August 29,2016 2:13:54pmprolly because one time when u quit tj told everyone u sold your console for pcp lol
krazehWed August 31,2016 7:27:40pmhi
dza-ravelFri September 02,2016 6:07:01pmalguem jogo bf2 mc aie
dza-ravelFri September 02,2016 6:07:52pmretorno bf2 /
BloubboSat September 03,2016 9:03:12am@dza-ravel -
bf2 mc voltou quando foi isso , e o dns que você usa e qual
tedSat September 03,2016 9:44:03amI'm testing RISK global domination right now wih bob DNS :
Hunk91Sat September 03,2016 9:44:35amWho wants to play ?
HackelSun September 04,2016 7:19:36ambtf2 lives (new server trick)
HackelSun September 04,2016 7:20:22amno fake btf2 is online (again)
MACHINEKILL-BRMon September 05,2016 11:26:52am@Hackel -
@dza-ravel - DNS BF2 MC 2016 ???
Richard305Mon September 05,2016 11:58:45ambf2mc ????
anonTue September 06,2016 11:19:13amDoes anyone play mortal kombat deception?
Triplo3XXXSun September 25,2016 1:08:18pmthe comeback
browns super bowlSun September 25,2016 2:16:06pmwas the server reset?
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