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It is Fri August 28,2015 3:08 pm


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GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:49:21pmIt is why I do not speak English
GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:49:40pmI am the Google Translate
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:49:46pmwhat is your question Grabriel?
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:50:09pmLoL
GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:50:19pmlol
GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:50:46pmI wanted to know the dns tribes aa
GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:51:10pm
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:51:14pmoh, i think you can use bobz and it'll forward you to the right one
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:51:24pmdo you own tribes?
GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:51:59pmyes
GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:52:42pm
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:53:00pmwhat time is it right now for you Gabriel?
GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:53:32pm20:53
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:54:04pmyou are 2 hours ahead of me
GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:54:27pmWOOOW
GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:54:40pm18:?
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:54:42pm18:54 for me right now
Xandyfs1Thu August 27,2015 7:55:12pm@Gabriel -
vc tem quais jogos pra jogar via xlink
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:55:20pmi have played tribes with someone from Thailand and he is 12 hours from me. on the other side of the world
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:56:20pmbobz dns will work for tribes
GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:56:31pmInternet off
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:56:32pm24.104.226.56
GabrielThu August 27,2015 7:56:43pmInternet off
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:56:57pmyou need to keep hitting refresh until you see the master list room
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:58:02pmwhen i host, my room will be under the master list room. if you don't see the master list room then you won't see my room
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:58:35pmi just tested bobz dns and it works
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 7:59:28pmi will host in 2 hours from now.
I will have a game Saturday at 12:00 your time Gabriel
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 8:05:31pmGabriel, can you join tribes at 23:00 your time tonight?
mozThu August 27,2015 8:06:45pmthug ??
Xandyfs1Thu August 27,2015 8:07:46pm@Gabriel - vc mora onde
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 8:09:07pmi have to go, join tribes tonight
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 8:09:34pmtribes at 23:00 Garbriel's time
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 8:10:01pmi will not host tribes until 9pm cst
Xandyfs1Thu August 27,2015 8:19:00pmbye
GabrielThu August 27,2015 8:27:21pm@Xandyfs1 - Bahia
GabrielThu August 27,2015 8:27:27pme vc?
GabrielThu August 27,2015 8:28:54pm@TRIBES AA -
@TRIBES AA - this time I am asleep lol
GabrielThu August 27,2015 8:29:08pm
GabrielThu August 27,2015 8:31:32pm@TRIBES AA - let's go now?
Xandyfs1Thu August 27,2015 8:36:39pm@Gabriel -
Xandyfs1Thu August 27,2015 8:37:31pm@Gabriel -
vou sai agora outra hora agente conversa bye
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 8:43:31pmbye Gabriel
TRIBES AAThu August 27,2015 8:49:42pmplay tribes on Saturday
Tribes aaThu August 27,2015 9:53:48pmtribes is up in 5 minutes
Tribes aaThu August 27,2015 9:54:51pmbobz dns will work just keep refresing the list until you see my room
ViscosityThu August 27,2015 10:10:14pmNot seeing anything
Gabriel Fri August 28,2015 7:56:51amHELO GUYS
Gabriel Fri August 28,2015 7:56:56amTHAW is online ?
Gabriel Fri August 28,2015 7:58:25amhello*
TRIBES AAFri August 28,2015 8:30:32amtribes was fun last night, flew around in a jet fighter, bomber, and a transporter
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