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AveryThu October 23,2014 5:22:39pm@Keltow - and you obviously have not met me
KeltowThu October 23,2014 5:29:42pm@Avery - Yes I have,, on skype.. I have a speech recognition which indicates if someone is a good HOA player
KeltowThu October 23,2014 5:30:29pmIt tells me: "You're a below average 4/10 HOA player"

RukeyThu October 23,2014 9:35:32pmanyone want to play tribes this Friday or Saturday?
AveryThu October 23,2014 10:28:38pm@Keltow - LOL guess you'll see on Saturday
KeltowFri October 24,2014 9:14:00am@Avery - Which game ?
KeltowFri October 24,2014 9:14:22amAH,, wait.. Tribes
KeltowFri October 24,2014 9:14:44amDude you have a experience advantage
KeltowFri October 24,2014 9:14:49am
KeltowFri October 24,2014 9:18:13am7:00 PM CST time = 01:00 UTC time

(for me +01:00 = 2:00) I'll be there!
RukeyFri October 24,2014 12:37:59pm@Keltow - and i might do a game Saturday at 9am which would be 16:00 your time keltow
KeltowFri October 24,2014 1:29:19pm@Rukey - Oke great, which game ?
KeltowFri October 24,2014 1:31:17pmI've got me Grog and what not and me ready t' play some games... Arghh!
RukeyFri October 24,2014 2:01:10pm@Keltow - i'll be hosting tribes aa Friday at 7pm cst and tribes Saturday at 9am cst
RukeyFri October 24,2014 2:12:26pmis there another time you want to try some tribes?
KeltowFri October 24,2014 2:25:42pmI just tested out if I can connect to openspy with just 1dns,, and it worked... So I can play that at my place
KeltowFri October 24,2014 2:26:03pm@Rukey - I will jion today and tomorrow,, other times Im not going to play
DarFri October 24,2014 2:53:44pm
DarFri October 24,2014 2:53:56pm#iamsotired
RukeyFri October 24,2014 2:54:33pmi have some people that might join tonight and i have one player that will be there for Saturday's game
and there's always the luck of random joiners
DarFri October 24,2014 2:58:31pm@Rukey - can you please vot here http://bobzent.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=41044
RukeyFri October 24,2014 2:59:14pmvote
for what?
RukeyFri October 24,2014 3:03:04pmi see, the reason i like it here is because you don't have to log in to chat.
Now the option to ban people is good but there's only one person i want banned from here and that is Avery's imposter
RukeyFri October 24,2014 3:05:19pmthe other forum i go to has a chat room but you have to log in and that is good but no one sits around in that chat room were here i can be a guest and use this chat, i do like that
RukeyFri October 24,2014 3:07:48pmlooking at the pro's and con's of the vote, i would vote no.
There's very few people here that shouldn't be but that's not enough reason to change things
RukeyFri October 24,2014 3:10:06pmi have been coming here longer than any other name i have ever seen, i even think i might of been coming here before chak88 and i don't see a reason to change things here again
DarFri October 24,2014 3:15:14pmwait heres a better one
RukeyFri October 24,2014 3:25:21pm@Keltow - will you go to ps2onlinegaming and leave a reply in the public forum game scheduling part that you can join tribes aa at the scheduled times
RukeyFri October 24,2014 3:27:40pm@Dar - it's nice that you're doing the voting thing and bobz knows about it.
I'm sure this isn't the first time that this subject has come up before.
All i have to say is that it would be nice for what you're trying to do but if you don't like it here... leave
RukeyFri October 24,2014 3:31:59pmthere are a lot of chat rooms you have to log into and people can be banned and things are moderated very good.
I like that you don't have to do that here and i don't mean Leave i ment find another place that might like more
RukeyFri October 24,2014 3:32:33pmyou might like more
DarFri October 24,2014 3:51:24pm
DarFri October 24,2014 3:51:32pmsuppose
AveryFri October 24,2014 4:15:34pmif you've ever used Chatango, you enter your name in the same as here, and if you want, you can leave it so you are logged in all the time. Not wanting people banned is only if you would do something that WOULD get you banned, otherwise why should they? Site's for ps2 online gaming and up until a little while ago, as far as I can tell wasn't much happening, so seeing as it should be for anyone who wants to help others out, shouldn't be a Damn problem now should there?
AveryFri October 24,2014 4:17:30pmGreat example is a website my friend made: http://bf2pc.webs.com/admin.html
AveryFri October 24,2014 4:18:48pmsorry this one, above one is what I used to use, :http://bf2pc.webs.com/
fodaoFri October 24,2014 4:20:47pmalguem ai que cu?
fodaoFri October 24,2014 4:21:11pmalguem que cĂș ?
fodaoFri October 24,2014 4:21:34pmalguem que cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?
fodaoFri October 24,2014 4:21:41pm?
AveryFri October 24,2014 4:22:25pm@fodao - that's the site for BF2, at least used to be
RukeyFri October 24,2014 7:47:12pmi had some people cancel for tonight's game but they will be there for Saturday's game
RukeyFri October 24,2014 7:48:15pmthe game will be up and running in 12 minutes
KeltowFri October 24,2014 7:55:36pm@Rukey - Hope there are a few..
KeltowFri October 24,2014 8:27:17pm@Rukey - Good warm up for tomorrow! I have to get some sleep
RukeyFri October 24,2014 9:07:08pmPSZ?
there will be more tomorrow.
if i knew it was just two of us i would hosted a race
maybe another time
see you tomorrow
AveryFri October 24,2014 9:52:12pm@Rukey - Keltow is PSZ
AveryFri October 24,2014 9:52:59pmJust got back home from a friend's house, when is Tribes tomorrow? and FH is also tomorrow
RukeySat October 25,2014 2:34:47amtribes at 9am cst Saturday
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