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It is Wed November 26,2014 10:51 am


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shanzeSun November 23,2014 5:08:46pmyou don't
shanzeSun November 23,2014 5:09:37pmat least not on THAW.
DarSun November 23,2014 5:12:01pmoh ok never mind then
DarSun November 23,2014 5:13:53pmdoes anyone know of a game where login is still available through openspy
ReedSun November 23,2014 5:33:51pmI'm back! Mortal Kombat Armageddon anyone?!
ReedSun November 23,2014 5:35:26pmVia Bobz MKA?!
ReedSun November 23,2014 5:41:36pm@shanze?
ReedSun November 23,2014 5:47:12pmDang it all I want is to play this online once!
shanzeSun November 23,2014 6:00:21pmoh sorry
shanzeSun November 23,2014 6:00:39pmJust checked back in
shanzeSun November 23,2014 6:00:54pmYeah I'll go
shanzeSun November 23,2014 6:01:38pmUh... still here?
shanzeSun November 23,2014 6:03:40pmI gotta go do something for a few minutes. Also tell me if you're still there, I took my setup apart I'll put it back together when you're ready , anyway I'll say when I'm back.
shanzeSun November 23,2014 6:18:17pmuh, anything?
shanzeSun November 23,2014 6:19:57pmWell, going here: http://www.ps2onlinegaming.com/forum/ is a good place to gather people who also have the game and will play. If you can schedule a time and make a post about it you'll be able to get one going. I'm gonna head out but if you start a thread there or I manage to catch you here I'll play.
ReedSun November 23,2014 6:22:08pmHey I'm back again!
ReedSun November 23,2014 6:23:43pmOh please tell me you're still here
ThatGirlTessMon November 24,2014 3:13:34amNo i think you just missed him
DarMon November 24,2014 10:24:13amlol
ReedMon November 24,2014 4:12:10pmOkay I'm gonna try this again today so if anyone wants to play Mortal Kombay Armageddon let me
ReedMon November 24,2014 4:12:21pmif anyone wants to play MKA today let me
ReedMon November 24,2014 4:12:38pmIf anyone wants to play MKA today let me know
ReedMon November 24,2014 4:12:59pmPhew sorry my chat is messed up
AveryMon November 24,2014 4:19:26pmwould have enjoy'd it but ps3 don't go online, maybe in a month or so, will release an update to my Mod
AveryMon November 24,2014 4:19:57pmUnfortunatly, for playing online, the fighting ain't the best, and usually disconnects, but the racing works
ReedMon November 24,2014 4:28:59pmIs Battlefield 2 and THAW decently popular?
AveryMon November 24,2014 4:31:11pmbattlefield 2 is down
AveryMon November 24,2014 4:31:44pmthaw you'd have to ask shaneZ, if u got skype, he's there
ReedMon November 24,2014 6:06:27pmMortalKomartArmageddon anyone!'
RukeyTue November 25,2014 12:00:07ami'll do MK
RukeyTue November 25,2014 12:00:35ami'LL do MKA... only racing though
RukeyTue November 25,2014 12:01:25amhow about a Tuesday game?
RukeyTue November 25,2014 12:02:39ampick a time
DarTue November 25,2014 10:49:53am@Rukey - what is mka?
AveryTue November 25,2014 11:51:11ambf2 - ps2 is back today
RukeyTue November 25,2014 12:21:15pmmka is mortal kombat armageddon
Rn-x1Tue November 25,2014 1:34:58pm@Avery - bf2 never
DarTue November 25,2014 2:02:03pm@Rukey - i know that but what is it e.g what do u do in it?
keltowTue November 25,2014 2:09:58pm@Rn-x1 - Spambot
keltowTue November 25,2014 2:10:18pm@Rn-x1 - that Avery is a spambot I mean
DarTue November 25,2014 2:10:20pm@keltow - yup
DarTue November 25,2014 2:11:00pmbut hopefully bf will return soon
keltowTue November 25,2014 2:11:14pmYe, but I doubt it
DarTue November 25,2014 2:12:46pmnot played online in a while, want to arrange a finest hour match for Saturday?
Rn-x1Tue November 25,2014 4:41:52pm@keltow - ok, I would like to come back
DarTue November 25,2014 5:07:48pmwell i got someone who brought the computer battlefields working on bf2
Rn-x1Tue November 25,2014 5:14:29pm@Dar - who
TheGienekPLWed November 26,2014 9:59:03amkto z Polski
TheGienekPLWed November 26,2014 9:59:27amjak w snipera grac online
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