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El MatónSun August 31,2014 11:37:18ami can Write and Read but not Talk it
xandyfs1Sun August 31,2014 11:37:39ameu tem o jogo e uma conta ,
tem um empo que eu não jogo
RukeySun August 31,2014 12:37:04pmthere are games you can play online using Xlink Kai too like jakx racing and i think time splitter
RukeySun August 31,2014 12:44:34pmi was thinking about doing a game of TRIBES today around 3pm cst
is anyone up for this?
RukeySun August 31,2014 12:50:20pmso 4.pm est,
why is the time here est
hmm must be bobz time zone
RukeySun August 31,2014 1:18:11pmTribes aerial assault is played on most Fridays at 7pm, when i'm not late.
It seem mka is played on Thursdays
AverySun August 31,2014 2:29:56pm@Rukey - I've only organized a game once . @El Matón - you're not that bad ,
@xandyfs1 - if you could post up that link again, so others could see
RukeySun August 31,2014 2:53:56pmand cod fh is played more often
but you schedule it on skype?
AverySun August 31,2014 3:02:13pmyes
RukeySun August 31,2014 3:03:31pmok, i thought you did a couple of mka games that were scheduled
AverySun August 31,2014 3:04:03pmnot yet
RukeySun August 31,2014 3:04:46pmhave to find just one day eveyone can agree on for mka
RukeySun August 31,2014 3:06:07pmwhat is the most popular day or days for cod fh?
AverySun August 31,2014 3:08:27pmwouldn't be able to tell ya since things have become hectic because many people are changing scheduals, due to the school season starting again / summer is over
RukeySun August 31,2014 3:10:11pmi won't be doing tribes today.
Summer is really over? i guess i'm in denial
AverySun August 31,2014 3:10:32pm@Rukey - I'm thinking about this Friday for an hour, don't know what will work out. And ha, tell me about it, mine ends in 2 days
RukeySun August 31,2014 3:11:54pmthat sucks and i'll be starting a new job in a week or so
AverySun August 31,2014 3:12:46pmwell there ya go, everyone is changing up
RukeySun August 31,2014 3:15:07pmyep, no tribes
today so i'm going out, might check here later tonight,
i'm out of here
AllanSun August 31,2014 6:00:01pmeae galera
tudo bem?
AverySun August 31,2014 6:02:58pm@Allan - what?
iCaRiUsSun August 31,2014 7:00:02pmand bf2MC ps2????????????????
AverySun August 31,2014 7:42:26pmNot sure, why not look around online and check out for some different DNS,
@xandyfs1 - found some nice links yesterday
xandyfs1Sun August 31,2014 8:46:31pm good night, tomorrow I go back bye
xandyfs1Sun August 31,2014 8:46:39pm
dar-andMon September 01,2014 3:10:17pmAny chance of Toca Race Driver 3 ps2 being brought back online?
AveryMon September 01,2014 3:17:31pm@dar-and - Who used to host it?
dar-andMon September 01,2014 3:18:56pmgamespy @Avery
dar-andMon September 01,2014 3:24:46pmBut it requires you to create a gamespy account
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