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kurupiraFri September 30,2016 12:16:56pm@leowz3 - quais jogos vc tem
RukeySat October 01,2016 5:17:06pmgood luck with that
King.TSat October 01,2016 8:54:18pmHaven't been in here in a while.
BretTue October 04,2016 6:30:30amMortal Kombat deception or Armageddon anyone?
BretTue October 04,2016 6:32:36amAnyone know why deception and Armageddon won't go online anyone???
Hunnk91Thu October 06,2016 7:56:35am@Bret - It seems that Sony stopped their DNAS server. So you can"t play online with nearly every online game for the moment. nNly Tribes Aerial is still online because it is DNAS free, and Biohazard Outbreak file#1 and #2 is still working because the alternative server obsrv.org bypassed the DNAS for those games.
CRAZYThu October 06,2016 4:21:44pmBF2 MC ??
CRAZYThu October 06,2016 4:21:51pmDNS?
CRAZYThu October 06,2016 4:23:12pmBF2 VOLTOU? QUAL DNS?
vvowThu October 06,2016 6:06:45pmActually right now Biohazard Outbreak File #1 and File #2 are up right now because of the Emulated DNAS server.
Hunk91Sun October 09,2016 2:57:21pmStar wars Battlefront 1and 2 are working now. The emulation of DNAS is operational for those games. You just need to Edit the DNS to connect. More Informations at Ps2onlinegaming.com.
BricceMon October 10,2016 2:07:10pmBattlefield está funcionando ?
BricceMon October 10,2016 2:07:18pmBattlefield is working ?
Call of Duty 3?Mon October 10,2016 7:18:51pm
é nósMon October 10,2016 8:53:23pmalguem que joga Urban Chaos
BretThu October 13,2016 10:48:28am@Hunk91 so is it something that will be back soon or is mkd and make permanently offline?
Hunk91Fri October 14,2016 6:56:18am@Bret - unfortunatly Mkd was not tested during the Dnas packet collecting phase. Only MKA was tested. You can try to test Mkd with this DNS: and please report here if it is working.
Hunk91Fri October 14,2016 7:49:25am@Bret - It seems according to
member on ps2onlminegaming.com that the game is not passing the DNAS check. My advise would be to use Open PS2 Loader with a cheat code to bypass the DNAS check (Or maybe with an acion replay, gameshark or codebreaker)
Hunk91Fri October 14,2016 8:03:53amTomorrow Saturday the 15th at 8:30 am CST (2:30 pm GMT) I will organize an Area51 session on this DNS : All players welcomed!
AlfAzAkZeLzKr47Mon October 17,2016 3:45:11pmBF2MC VOLTOU! PS2 DNS: O Ranking resetou, já tenho 15 medalhas !
puk-picãoMon October 17,2016 6:39:12pmeu tenho 32 medalhas seu filho da puta
RoboWed October 19,2016 12:00:18pmi host a server for tony hwak pro skater 4 came all
RoboWed October 19,2016 12:15:54pmAnyway ?
RoboWed October 19,2016 12:16:10pmplay Thps4 ?
RoboWed October 19,2016 12:16:16pmno ?
RoboWed October 19,2016 12:16:21pmok
MkveteranThu October 20,2016 2:40:59pmHey anyone playing mortal combat armgeddon P's2
bobz1993Sat January 07,2017 2:58:04amBack up. New DNS above.
Xandyfs1Sat January 07,2017 12:04:44pmo retorno
Hunk91Sat January 07,2017 12:22:10pmThank you Bobz for maintaining the server and for your return ! All the best!
WREBELSat January 07,2017 2:17:23pmTHANK YOU BOBZ FOR THIS RETURN!!!
Call of Duty 1Sun January 08,2017 6:22:39am@bobz1993 - I have a call of duty 1 remained in the region PAL. Will it work? @bobz1993 -
bobz1993Sun January 08,2017 11:11:20pm@Call of Duty 1 - should work fine. just have to find other players
Hunk91Mon January 09,2017 9:50:15amC.O.D 3 at 2pm CST (8pm GMT) at and also at . See you all
Sniper PlayerMon January 09,2017 10:02:28amI appeal to check nickname %silverago% his IP and to block him because this nickname crash serwers.
Sniper PlayerMon January 09,2017 10:02:50amGame sniper elite v1
mozTue January 10,2017 7:59:08pmanynone
mozTue January 10,2017 8:22:51pmyes
mozWed January 11,2017 7:52:22pmanyone for a game
bobz1993Wed January 11,2017 8:59:46pm@moz - I'll be home in an hour or so. What did you have in mind?
GamerBoyRetroThu January 12,2017 2:17:07pmWho is still playing games on ps2 ???
GamerBoyRetroThu January 12,2017 2:20:07pmAdd My InstaGram and message me Im always Down to play Online on the ps2 I know its pretty dead but never hurt to hope for the best to play online again My InstaGram is 420GamerBoyRetro
XiabxSat January 14,2017 6:55:30amHi for Socom2
xiabxSat January 14,2017 7:00:30amfor socom 2 there are no servers
Hunk91Sat January 14,2017 3:40:58pm@xiabx - for socom 2 tout must play Witherspoon xlink kai
Zeref9thTue January 17,2017 4:57:49pmBF2MC is working ?
TitanicWed January 18,2017 1:48:59am Is battlefield 2 modern combat online?
math7340Wed January 18,2017 4:36:42amno.....
mc3Wed January 18,2017 3:47:28pmlogin issue for midnight club 3, gets stuck at authenticating dnas screen
bobz1993Wed January 18,2017 11:02:08pm@mc3 - any error, or just hangs?
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